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2006A comparative study of the English landscape park and the baroque garden at KroměřížKaylor, Michael M.; Kestlerová, Zuzanadiplomová práce
2005A comparison of biographies about Winston ChurchillKaylor, Michael M.; Švecová, Zdeňka; diplomová práce
2005A comparison of conceptions of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain and George Bernard ShawKaylor, Michael M.; Přibová, Irena; diplomová práce
2003A comparison of the values of the early and high romantics using the examples of Wordsworth and KeatsKaylor, Michael M.; Horáčková, Barbora; diplomová práce
2000Anne Bradstreet: The First true american poetKaylor, Michael M.; Bareš, Jaroslav; bakalářská práce
2006Aspects of the gothic in the novels of Joyce Carol OatesKaylor, Michael M.; Pinta, Kamildiplomová práce
2001"Beautiful dripping fragments" a whitmanesque reading of Hopkins's EpithalamionKaylor, Michael M.article
2004"Caged birds": female attitudes towards marriage as portrayed in three victorian novelsKaylor, Michael M.; Matulíková, Dana; diplomová práce
2000The clergymen become dons: the changing academic atmosphere in nineteenth-century Oxford seen through the debate over evolutionKaylor, Michael M.; Posledníková, Luciebakalářská práce
2000Critism of late Victorian values in E. M. Forster's "Where angels fear to tread" and Samuel Butler's "The Way of all flesh"Kaylor, Michael M.; Bakešová, Lenka; bakalářská práce
2005Divergent Richards: a new historicism approach to Richard III, Shakespeare's play against modern viewsKaylor, Michael M.; Janská, Tereza; bakalářská práce
1998"Feeling emptiness run deliciously through her veins": schizofrenia in the female psyche : existential phenomenology and two characters from Lessing and AtwoodKaylor, Michael M.; Marková, Gertrude; bakalářská práce
2006Forbidden sexuality in the early twentieth century literature : E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence and Forrest ReidKaylor, Michael M.; Kelbelová, Dita; diplomová práce
2006Gettysburg in pictures : the influence of Mathew Brady´s photographs of the Civil War on the Civil WarKaylor, Michael M.; Hrubý, Matěj; bakalářská práce
2006Henry James´s The turn of the screw : textual silence and the traditionKaylor, Michael M.; Svoboda, Milan; diplomová práce
2006The influence of the writings of Thomas de Quincey and the context of Jack the Ripper on Oscar Wilde´s Picture of Dorian GrayKaylor, Michael M.; Jína, Petr; diplomová práce
2000Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic's decadent works seen in the context of English decadent writers like Wilde and PaterKaylor, Michael M.; Vaněk, Milan; bakalářská práce
2005John Ruskin - prophet of the Pre-RaphaelitesKaylor, Michael M.; Šíblo, Jan; diplomová práce
2005Marriage and the position of women in Wharton´s Age of innocence and James´s Portrait of a ladyKaylor, Michael M.; Mrtvá, Kateřina; diplomová práce
2006Naturalistic elements in George Eliot´s MiddlemarchKaylor, Michael M.; Pavlová, Marie; diplomová práce
Showing results 1 to 20 of 37
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